all things geist-related

He's got a two-room suite
At Comfort Inn West Atlantic
His V-8 Ford's a Classic
He's feeling très Romantic

Friedrich von might eat his heart out
If he saw this guy in action
His entire Weltanschauung
Is founded on relaxin'

He once tried deciphering
Modernity's Essence
But that got old real fast
So he switched to adolescence

He's drinking vodka limes
And he's listening to some Shazam
'Tween him and former colleagues
There's sure a mile-wide chasm

'Cause he's a Poolside Schlegel
That's what they say
Munchin' on a bagel
On a bright summer day

Poolside Schlegel
That's what I've heard
From all things Geist-related
He's free as a bird

When asked about the change
He says it's been a cool Erfahrung
On scale of one to ten
He'd give a "man-you-have-no-Ahnung"

He's never feeling bored now
Cause he's never being boring
An endless new horizon
Is opening before him

[...if you want this w/music check this out]